Powell Street Market

Sunday, May 7th and Sunday, September 10th

written by: The DeMassimo's

March 31, 2023

De Massimo’s Authentic Italian Sauces had the privilege of participating in the Powell Street Market in 2023, a seasonal event celebrated in Downtown Powell. The Powell Street Market was an exceptional opportunity for small businesses like De Massimo’s, giving them a chance to showcase their products to the local community. With over 75 unique vendors lining the streets, the market created a vibrant atmosphere, which generated foot traffic, and increased visibility for all participants.

The De Massimo’s booth, decorated with strings of garlic and Italian flags, was a crowd favorite. It was located near the heart of the market and attracted an influx of people who were drawn by the aroma of simmering tomato sauce and freshly cooked pasta. The vibrant colors of the sauces and handmade pasta, made in the traditional Italian way, added to the visual appeal of the booth. The staff was friendly and attentive, offering samples of their signature sauces to passersby, and sharing the story of how their sauces are made.

The success of the Powell Street Market for De Massimo’s Authentic Italian Sauces can be attributed to the market’s popularity and momentum for generating business for small brands. The event provided an unparalleled platform for vendors to share their stories and showcase their products. De Massimo’s saw a significant increase in sales, and their customer base grew due to the massive influx of people that attended the market. The streets of Downtown Powell were a delightful sight to behold, with beautiful antiques, handmade crafts, food items, and specialty products displayed artistically along the market.

Visitors could not resist the unique items displayed at each booth, and the friendly vendors provided a warm and welcoming environment. The Powell Street Market created an excellent opportunity for business owners like DeMassimo’s, to interact with the local community, and form long-lasting relationships. The Powell Street Market provided a beautiful avenue for people to walk and shop while taking in the vibrant atmosphere created by the market. The local businesses owners and restaurants buzzed with energy, and the local people enjoyed the various offerings provided by the market community. The event brought a sense of community among vendors, customers, and other local businesses.

The children, too, enjoyed a fantastic afternoon that included visiting the vendor booths, enjoying food, and spending time on the playground and splash pad located nearby. In conclusion, the 2023 Powell Street Market was an exceptional experience for De Massimo’s Authentic Italian Sauces. The event was a success attributed to the excellent platform provided by the market, the local population, and the vendors that participated. De Massimo’s booth drew many positive comments and attendees, who enjoyed their signature sauces and handmade pasta. It’s clear that the Powell Street Market provided an excellent forum for business owners to showcase their products and interact with the local community. This seasonal event coming annually is definitely one that we look forward to year over year, in hopes for another successful booth of showcasing our delicious Authentic Italian Sauces!


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