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Italian American Heritage Month

At De Massimo’s we are proud of our Italian roots! Our ancestral influences shaped our family business and mean everything to us. In celebration of Italian American Heritage Month, our Premium and Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil is on sale! Take advantage of this opportunity to experience our EXCLUSIVE family harvest and a taste of Italy. Use code “EVOO” and when you purchase $50 or more of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will receive a FREE 16oz jar of our Authentic Pasta Sauce! Now that is a celebration! Ciao tutti!

Grove City Harvest Market

Experience the freshest farm-grown foods at Grove City Harvest Market. Join us for a delightful shopping event!

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DeMassimo SGG Reunion

DeMassimo SGG Reunion

As I reminisce over the recent past, I never would have thought the relationships with our family in Italy would had ever been created, let alone be this strong. To discover where my grandmother was born and raised and where my great-grandparents walked is a blessing and an honor. It has been surreal. In fact, the ongoing relationships forged with relatives in San Giovanni in Galdo has been unimaginable. To make it even better, these long-distance relationships have led to connections being created here in Ohio with people who have roots from San Giovanni in Galdo.

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Authentic Italian

Authentic Italian

Sauce Man  Some people remember their ancestors by sharing stories over family dinners or at gatherings. Others write books. Some focus on preserving their heritage by researching, collecting and piecing together their entire family tree. And some make sauce. That’s...

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